Monday 7 December 2015


For me Singapore is a city that looks like a "magazine-cover", and impresses like an interesting book.

Colorful, catchy, always attractive. Fashionable - ladies, casually carrying handbags, worth thousands of dollars, on their way to work in the subway. Sporty - people, of all ages, jogging along the bay in the very center of the city. Clean, shiny and glossy, but without any photoshop. 
Multicultural, with rich history and romantic... With its own very well kept secrets, that no one sees on the surface.  Every time visiting Singapore I discover something new, and I enjoy reading it again and again.
Inessa Kraft caucasian model actress Singapore
at Marina Bay, photo by Marc Nair
Inessa Kraft
at Marina Bay, by Marc Nair

Inessa Kraft, Singapore
on the way to Singapore, photo by Matt Hin
at Marina Bay, by Marc Nair

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