Sunday 13 December 2015

Workplace Reality Theatre

PROFESSIONAL AND COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS - Workplace Reality Theater - Leadership training by iHR Australia

Acting in a “Workplace Reality Theatre” in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok
brought a lot of great moments. It is a unique methodology used for the corporate trainings, where with another actor we had to re-enact real workplace situations. Later the acted scenes were used as the basis for the participants' discussions.

In different scenes during the training day I played all eight female characters: secretary Jackie (smart, but lazy); CEO Jane (autocratic and indefinite); subordinate Wiki (2 scripts: submissive and assertive behaviors), manager Cathy (avoiding and assertive behaviors), parking security Hanya (aggressive and assertive behaviors).

Scripts, body language, gestures and tone of voice demonstrated desired behavior in comparison to examples of poor behavior. At the end of the training participants had to practice communication skills interacting with me (i.e. with Jackie, Jane etc...).
with my acting partner

after the workshop with iHR team in Jakarta

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