Wednesday 20 September 2023

Four Seasons – One Day • Inessa Kraft

“Four Seasons – One Day,” the latest project by filmmaker, actress, and philosopher Inessa Kraft, has just completed its post-production phase and is quickly becoming part of the official selection at film festivals, especially in the travel category.  -Filmlocal

Four Seasons - One Day: A Film by Inessa Kraft

Four Seasons - One Day: A Philosophical Journey with Inessa Kraft

About the Film

Filming in the breathtaking landscapes of Cyprus, Inessa Kraft, an actress and philosopher, aimed to share the unique charm of Cyprus with the world. Her film “Four Seasons – One Day” makes the island a philosophical adventure for both locals and travelers.

The Journey

On a single day in January, Inessa travels from the heart of Cyprus – from snowy mountain tops through golden autumn forests and blooming meadows, ending at the seashore. Experience winter’s chill, spring’s bloom, summer’s warmth, and autumn’s peace in a day, accompanied by deep philosophical thoughts about life.

Audio-Visual Experience

The film’s philosophy is amplified by its audio-visual elements. Composer John Vallely provides a meditative musical backdrop. Transitioning to Arsenios Agisilaou’s, famously known as “The Greek Samurai,” song “Oh Lord, I Found Heaven,” the film echoes the emotions of a traveler. Aerial shots by Charalampos (Harris) Paschalidis offer viewers an eagle's perspective of Cyprus.

About Inessa Kraft

Inessa Kraft is an actress and filmmaker, emphasizing travel, inspiration, and philosophical narratives.

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